What is SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a user experience (UX) based on HTML5 framework for SAP software. The term Fiori is an Italian word that means “flowers.” SAP Fiori is a set of applications like purchase order approval, sales order creation, information lookup, self-service tasks, and so on. These collections of apps based on HTML5 framework  are easy to access across desktops, smartphones and tablets. 

SAP Fiori UX provides role-based, personalized user experience (UX) for enterprise-wide engagements across lines of businesses, and offers optimal usability on multiple devices for the best business interactions.

SAP FIORI UX Design Principles

The following are the five  SAP Fiori UX design principles:-

1) Role Based

Each app is specific to a user’s role like developers can visualize a specific user’s task and develop a UI that relates to the nature of the user’s work,  manager will have apps to manage the production for production floor, salesperson will have apps relate to sales and so on.

2) Responsive

SAP Fiori UX works seamlessly to facilitate consistent user experience across all devices such as phones, tablets, and desktops; and it supports multiple operating system such as iOS, Mac, Android and Windows.

3) Simple

SAP used a simple 1-1-3 (one user, one use case, and three screens) scenario to make SAP Fiori apps so user can easily understand the functionality of the APP. 

4) Coherent

SAP Fiori apps have a similar look and feel by design so  After using one Fiori app, users feel comfortable with other Fiori apps

5) Delightful

SAP Fiori apps are simple to understand because of their similar design patterns, user can easily learn the functionality of the fiori apps in a short period of time.

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